Magdalena Energy

What is meant by Magdalena Energy?

Every state of being has an energetic atmosphere.

I experience Anger as a raging fire that wants to lash out and strike the other.

It has a powerful effect on my body as a lot of energy gets stoked and accumulates in my abdomen and chest. I become like a dragon irresistibly wanting to release the energy and roar

This is the energetic atmosphere of anger.

My experience of depression is that the colour drains from the world, everything turns grey and there is a withdrawal of my energy.

As I say no to life, the life force within me literally gets turned off. Its like turning a tap down so low that it barely drips.  

The scarcity shows in my energy level as I become tired and drained causing apathy and hopelessness. It is impossible for new ideas and solutions to arise as the creative force of life is literally turned down to a drip. 

And then there are the energetic atmospheres that are a joy to be in…compassion, surrender, love. The thing is that most of the time these energetic states are triggered by life events that appear to be out of your control. Your partner behaves inappropriately and you are immediately stewing in an energy of anger. You look at inflation and war on the news and you are spiraled into hopelessness and fear. Of course, we can do certain things to have an effect. You buy a new car to create pride and excitement. You can book a holiday, go out for dinner and do everything you can to balance the scales in favor of energetic atmospheres that bring pleasure. 

There is another way…and it is not dependent on outer circumstances. 

You can choose an energy to nurture from within and with practice, you can move directly into that energetic atmosphere no matter what is happening around you. This is the practice of energetic mastery.

Mary Magdalena carries a broad range of healing frequencies containing qualities such as  Compassion, tenderness, love, courage, and power. These qualities create a specific energetic atmosphere that allows us to be at peace with ourselves and be of service to others.

It is an energetic template created over 2000 years ago when Mary Magdalena walked the Earth.

In it is the coding of how to be in the world, feminine and masculine aspects in balance, humanity, and divinity in balance… power and love in balance.  

When I consciously focus on Mary Magdalena, my energy field can find a landing ground to settle into, and the energetic information encoded in the template is received and anchored within me and I find a new reference point of how to be up in the world. 

I have been consciously working with the Healing frequencies of Mary Magdalena for the last 6 years and some of the measurable changes that I have observed in my own life are:

  • I have stopped people pleasing. I do things for fulfillment rather than recognition from the other. I speak my truth and am ok if others disagree or react.
  • I am open and sensitive to the feelings of others without losing myself in them.   
  • I am way more in tune with my intuition and I take action from there. 
  • I resist life far less and that surrender brings ease, joy, and flow into everything I do.   
  • I accept my humanity so much more and experience my divinity as a living presence shining through my humanity.
  • I can access a state of tenderness and love at will and it is blissful.
  • I have the capability to be a steady, comforting presence to those who are struggling or in crisis  
  • I am passionate about serving others and know that I am serving my soul at the same time.

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